Matthew Stone

As an ex serviceman, Matt takes great pleasure in being a part of such a unique charity that helps out, not only service personnel, but animals too.  The last few years in the civilian world has had its ups and downs for Matt mentally. Having served twelve years, he left to pursue a career offshore. A lifelong dream for him, he threw all his resettlement into training for the industry and as he left, the industry collapsed. This left Matt in civilian street with little option for a career. This effected him greatly and still does to this day. 

With no job and no money coming in, he found himself in his local pub searching for opportunities with local tradesmen. With the help of his fantastic family and friends for support, he didn’t give up and found work in the construction industry.
Matt has been lucky enough to become a member/trustee of “Mates Of Primates”. This gives him the opportunity to further his knowledge of primates whilst helping the stability of personnel who have been affected mentally and/or physically whilst serving in the armed forces. Within the charity, Matt’s role is military liaison. This means that he provides support and advice to any serving or ex service personnel who wants to get involved with Mates Of Primates. He acts as a point of contact for any questions regarding the “back to the wild” scheme and courses that are being offered or ongoing as well as general information about the charity.