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Letting Monkeys Be Monkeys. Support us in building sanctuaries to rehabilitate and look after Marmosets and New World Primates.

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Building a better future for New World Primates

Mates of Primates is a registered charity that is dedicated to using its resources and money donated, on the care of neglected New World Primates and not spending large amounts of money on banning the primate trade. Solely set up to rescue unwanted and neglected New World Primates. We will also be supporting the very few primate keepers that actually dedicate their lives to help in the conservation of these beautiful species.

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How to get involved & help these Primates

Text Rescue to 70144 to donate £4.00. Your donations will be used solely for the benefit of the primates, supporting the most natural environment possible including correct diets, expert veterinary care and giving people the opportunity to re-home a monkey that they cannot look after without the stigma attached.

We will not waste money on campaign trails that have failed time and time again but we will spend the donations on support, advice, guidance and the opportunity to let their monkeys be monkeys.

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Disciples Of Babylon & MOP

DOB (Disciples Of Babylon) These guys are great! Big supporters of our cause over in America helping us spread our word. Thanks to these guys we have had eager to help establishments contact us to help us with our “back to the wild scheme”, so a big thanks to these guys and we shall support […]

Primate Rescue Centre

Back to the Wild scheme

Along with one of the founders of Mates of Primates, I served in the military. As we both know, life after the military can be a rollercoaster of a ride. On becoming a member of the team at Mates of Primates, I’ve discovered a great desire to help not only primates but serving and ex […]

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