Late in 2016 in East London, we heard a rumour that a guy had 2 Marmoset Monkeys in his house. Shocked at the knowledge that you could even own a primate in this country, we had to go and have a look. On arrival we discovered two baby monkeys on a living room table in a cage only suitable for a rodent. Hairless, malnourished and extremely Ill looking! Being animal lovers we decided to take them on as we felt the environment they were living in was not suitable in order to donate them to a sanctuary.




We couldn’t hand them in and we were worried about the stigma attached to owning a primate. There was nothing we could do but look after them and let Monkeys be Monkeys.

If it wasn’t for these good primate keepers along the way helping build our knowledge and opening our eyes to the necessity of what we’re trying to build and achieve they would have ended up in the wrong hands or maybe even dead.

Primate Rescue Centre

Your donations will be used solely for the benefit of the primates supporting the most natural environment possible correct diets expert veterinary care and giving people the opportunity to rehome a monkey they cannot look after with-ought the stigma attached and not waisting money on campaign trails that have failed time and time again but to spend the donations on support advice guidance and the opportunity to let their monkeys be monkey.