Alan Green

After leaving the British Army, after a fire arms injury Alan received, he started work as a bodyguard becoming the security supervisor for the 2012 Olympic Games then forming his own bodyguard company. He quickly fell into depression and suffered addiction problems where he eventually found himself in rehab! Whilst serving his 6 months stint, he was shocked at the amount of veterans there were in the same situation as he has found himself in. 

He embarked on a life long project to help veterans and started to develop 75 days of hell, which involved working with and famous military charity, to put veterans on a island in the Hebrides to highlight the isolation felt via ex serving personnel. Unfortunately after a year of planning it, it failed. Alan carried on living his normal life in London which is where he came across primates being traded. His research began and along the way he’s met some amazing primate keepers (and some barbaric ones too.) 

He, alongside Tessa founded Mates Of Primates this year and found fantastic veterinary care in Dorset. They decided to move there in order to access Stan who is Mates of Primates regular vet. He is currently studying primatology and looking to work with monkey sanctuary’s and breeders alike to regulate the primate trade.