Disciples Of Babylon & MOP

DOB (Disciples Of Babylon)
These guys are great! Big supporters of our cause over in America helping us spread our word. Thanks to these guys we have had eager to help establishments contact us to help us with our “back to the wild scheme”, so a big thanks to these guys and we shall support them, they are great at what they do.

Disciples of Babylon
Disciples of Babylon™ (DOB) is an international rock band based in Hollywood, California. The group was founded in 2012 and includes Eric Knighton lead vocals and rhythm guitar, lead guitarist Ramon Blanco, bassist Gui Bodi and on drums Chris Toeller. The Disciples of Babylon can be compared to the likeness of music’s biggest heavy-hitters including Muse, The Foo Fighters, Queen, The Who, Stone Temple Pilots, U2 & Led Zeppelin.

The band’s main musical aspirations are to incorporate key stylistic elements of all great Rock music eras into their music to create a large stadium-worthy sound that thrills all audiences it encounters and proves once and for all that Rock music is here to stay. As seasoned musicians, the members of DOB individually before joining the band have accumulated several national releases independently and some having opened for the biggest names in Rock music including Aerosmith, KISS, The Dave Matthews Band, and Kid Rock.

The band members have toured extensively throughout the United States and abroad, and have been featured at popular music festivals such as the Vans’ Warped Tour. Find out more at: www.disciplesofbabylon.com

Primate Rescue Centre

Back to the Wild scheme

Along with one of the founders of Mates of Primates, I served in the military. As we both know, life after the military can be a rollercoaster of a ride. On becoming a member of the team at Mates of Primates, I’ve discovered a great desire to help not only primates but serving and ex served military personnel.

Our charity gives a range of great opportunities like getting enrolled on our “Back to the Wild” scheme. Designed for people who have an interest in primates/primatology or zoology. Even to the extent that there could be the possibility of a full time career, as we do aim to find people through and help to become a primatologist/zoologist. Not only could you do such great training, you could also embark on some great adventures. Such as possible expeditions to the jungles of South America to release primates to have a second change in life.

Hopefully we can work alongside different charity’s, organisations or any primate owners who can spread their wealth of knowledge.

If you have suffered mentally or physically or just want to show your support, we are here to ease that pain, short term or long term, we hope to help. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions, we will get back to you.