Shell-ter turtle rescue

We are putting our faith into these guys as they are doing such great work toward rescuing and re homing these fabulous creatures
With the growing naivety of our human race these guys are taking on the backlash of demand of the turtle population within the uk
Ryan and Charlie are rehabilitating and sustaining welfare for a great variety of different Turtles. PLEASE VISIT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE below
We recommend shell-tur turtle rescue and support them for a later date, A hopeful charity status.
Here at Shell-Tur Turtle Rescue we are trying to raise awareness and help secure the future of the worlds most diverse species. With educating the public on the epidemic of loosing turtle numbers due to the pet trade or miss practice in caring for them in their native habitats.

We are here to help with the epidemic that is currently happening in the UK and that is the dumping and abandoning of pet turtles. This has resulted in releasing them into the “wild”, which then they become an invasive species because in turn they destroy our native wildlife.
We want to offer a safe haven across the country for all species of turtle and bringing the numbers of adandoned species down.
We also aspire to help with programmes in helping with the education and how important these shelled creatures are to our natural world. How to bring back species on the brink of extinction due to human influence and pollution.
Shell-Tur was set up because of the love of misunderstood animals that needed to have the limelight shone on them for awhile. Caring for these animals helps with one of the creators mental and neurological condition (Tourette Syndrome) which is felt to be just as misunderstood.
We take as much refuge in caring for these animals as they take in being in our care with a warm and loving home.”