Since re homing the first two we have rescued a troop of 6 marmosets with the dominant female being extremely broken having sever metabolic bone disease broken limbs and a fractured pelvis, we named her Brenda.

Brenda is our main source of inspiration to achieve what we are looking to achieve.

Our aims 

  • To reach our target of ¬£5000 to become a registered charity dedicated to new world primates.
  • Incorporate veterans In aiding education in primatology creating the first ever veteran run new world primate sanctuary in Europe.
  • Giving neglect primates a life long home in a social environment with expert knowledge on hand.
  • Create an outreach program for primate keepers In aiding to support them and not to push them underground.

This X-Ray shows the bone density is non existent as you can’t see the top jaw.

This is showing how constipated she is, as well as a lesions in the spine and tail alongside bone density. Constipation is due to broken pelvis.