We Would like to thank Compass who are working along side mates of primates helping us get veterans qualified in primatology for help towards the care of primates, supplying us with courses help and advice! Compass helping us is a massive achievement helping us help veterans help our primates.

Compass are a great educational focus point! Focusing on a lot of different educational career paths, very helpful team eager to help put people on a path to higher education.

We would like to give and extra special thankyou to magnolia house

Especially Stan our fantastic vet! Who withought his help and expertise Mates Of Primates would never be in operation, Alan and Tess searched hi and low to find a vet that would support our cause we move our entire family to Dorset to access his expertise as we need them. He has been very supportive of our venture especially supportive in or back to the wild scheme. We salut you Stan and look forward to working more along side you.

Marmalade Designs

Marmalade Designs LTD is a web design agency based in Somerset. We are working with Mates Of Primates on all aspects of design including offering this website design and build at no cost. We have also worked on t-shirt designs, business cards and more.

Working in the field of digital marketing since 2012, Deren has been brought in to help raise awareness of the Mates of Primates foundation, bringing his expertise, team and resources to the table.